Welcome on Mybalterio.com.

Mybalterio.com has the purpose of involving all employees of NV Spanolux's Balterio division in the growth of the company. MyBalterio.com is the internet medium to allow all Balterio employees, wherever they may be in the world, to actively become involved and express their own ideas concerning sustainable business, innovations, the improvement of production processes, etc.

Simply become a member by registrating on the forum. After registration you can start posting your own ideas and comment/improve your colleague’s ideas. You can log-in after registration at any time to post new ideas and/or comment(s) at any time wherever you are in the world. Please post your ideas and comments in a universal language (preferably English) so all Balterio employees can read, comment and rate your idea.

Rating ideas of your colleagues is also easy: click on the rate button of an idea or comment and give a score between 1 (= bad) and 10 (= excellent), you can rate an idea or comment only once. Rating is completely anonymous. Every 2 months a winning idea is elected by the whole Balterio-community. The owner of the idea gets a free dinner in a restaurant in his or her neighbourhood. If a winning idea is implemented within Balterio, the winner can offer an amount of 200,-€ (granted by Balterio) to a good cause in his/her neighbourhood.

Register fastly and become part of the Mybalterio.com-community. Start posting and commenting ideas and who knows, maybe your idea is implemented and consequently rewarded.



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